Mini Digger Derrick

This machine is used to transport a utility pole to the installation site, bore a hole in the ground, set the pole in place, and hang an electrical power transformer or other device on the pole. Conventional methods required a large boom truck, likely not suitable for the tight operating locations and resulted in damage to personal property. This machine has been designed to fit through a 32 inch garden gate and move to the work site without damage to the work site.

GSNA worked closely with our customer from to develop this multi-function machine which optimizes safety, performance, and efficiency. Various boom attachments include auger, grapple, hoist hook, and a man basket. This machine operates with a radio remote control for travel and functional operations. Position, rotation, and load sensors are used to provide the necessary feedback to the master controller and operator for safe machine use. Application specific software calculates safe operating limits so the boom is not overextended and operational limits of the machine are not exceeded. With the push of a button, the control system adapts to the various boom attachments.